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Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit is the public transit service which is owned and operated by the city of Calgary, Alberta. In 2005, an estimated 119.5 million passengers boarded approximately 920 Calgary Transit vehicles (Service Population: 956 078) and provided 2.03 million hours of service (2.12 hours of service per capita).

Calgary's Light Rail Transit Line

Calgary Transit operates a fleet of 115 Seimens-Duwag built LRVs that operate on 35.7 kilometres of track and 34 stations. Operations began in 1981 with one line starting at Anderson Road and ending at 8 ST. S.W.

Calgary Transit Light Rail Vehicle Map

The system is comprised of two lines known as route 201 and 202. The 201 line has a North-South orientation reaching from Somerset/Bridlewood in the South to Dalhousie in the North. The 202 line is East-West oriented starting at Whitehorn and ending at 10 St. S.W. (downtown).

The Downtown area is known as a free fare zone in which it is free to ride the LRT, however a fare must be paid if you are traveling outside the downtown area.

Rush hour service has a 5 minute frequency and off-peak service is reduced to 15 minute service.

The fare system is operated as a proof of payment system where tickets are purchased before boarding the CTrain from ticket vending machines or fare vendors. Other valid fare types include transfers from Calgary Transit buses, and passes. Customers on the CTrain or restricted platforms may be checked for valid fare.

Maintenance is done at the Anderson Road complex which also has a storage capacity of 55 LRVs. The remaining LRVs are stored at the Haysboro storage facility.

Fares See Transit Fare Vendors Calgary Transit has a variety of fare payment methods. Choose the fare payment method that best suits your needs.



  • Adult Fare $2.75
  • Youth Fare $1.75
  • Children (Under 6 years) FREE *Must be accompanied by a fare paying customer. Limit to 4 children per paying customer.


  • Adult (Book of 10) $27.50
  • Adult Single Ticket $2.75
  • Youth (Book of 10) $17.50
  • Youth Single Ticket $1.75


  • Adult $94.00
  • Youth (Under 6 -14) $54.25


  • Adult $8.25
  • Youth (Under 6 -14) $5.25


  • Regular Rate $55.00
  • Reduced Rate $15.00


  • $40.00 (Eligible Residents of Calgary Only)

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