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The Calgary Advantage

The Best City to Live in the World

Calgary is located east of the Rocky Mountains, about 1050 meters above sea level and 1000 kilometres from Vancouver on the west coast, and 200 km from the south border with the United States. Calgary is the fourth largest city in Canada, and the largest in the Province of Alberta. Calgary, the fastest growing city in Canada, saw the local population grow 26.2% between 1992 and 2002. Currently hovering just over one million people, the city is growing exponentially and drawing new residents from across Canada and the world.

Calgary’s climate is prone to changes and offers a wide diversity of temperatures and weather patterns. On average, the city is dry (averaging 30 cm of rain annually) and we experience most of our rain during June and July. In summer, the temperature can reach up to 30 degrees Celsius, with the average temperature between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. Winter brings with it even more diversity in the weather with temperatures ranging from –30 and +10 degrees Celsius. This wide range is due to the “Chinook” winds that come through the city on a regular basis, bringing with them warm air and the opportunity to take off the heavy winter coats for a couple of days. Despite the fluctuations in temperature, the dry climate and well heated buildings ensure that we remain comfortable year round. As well, most of the downtown core is connected through “Plus 15s”, raised, covered walkways that allow us to walk from building to building without going outside. Moreover, each of the four seasons offers its own sights of unique beauty.

The Heart of the New WestTM

During the last 10 years, Calgary as a city and Alberta as a province have been jointly described as the "economic heart" of Canada, and Calgary itself is now known as the Heart of the New WestTM. Originally renowned for their well-known cattle industry and petroleum production, the city and the province further enjoy the lowest tax rates in Canada, and have attracted an influx of corporations and talents. According to statistics, 53% of the 200 top enterprises in Canada have relocated their head offices to Calgary, while 90% of the petroleum companies have long had their headquarters stationed here, and that percentage keeps increasing from year to year. Among them are some high-tech (such as electronics, computer and communication) corporations. These companies have brought with them a large number of job opportunities and, coupled with the multitude of talents provided by such major educational institutions as the University of Calgary, University of Alberta, University of Lethbridge, Athabasca University, Mount Royal College, SAIT and ACAD, have turned Calgary into a city of newly rising technology. Even in these days of world-wide economic depression, Calgary remains a city with the lowest unemployment rate (4.8 %) in Canada. The strong economy and large amount of corporate head offices ensure that the local environment is perfect for international students looking for jobs after graduation or who want to apply for immigration.

All Seasons are Beautiful

http://www.outdoorandphoto.com/Trips/Banff01/BestShot-Banff/Banff-PeytoLake.JPG100 kilometres to the west of Calgary is one of the most stunning areas of the Rocky Mountains, encompassing the world-famous Banff, Jasper and Yoho and attracting millions of visitors every year. Nick-named the "Sapphire of the Rockies", Lake Louise is a "pilgrimage” must for visitors from all over the world. Even closer to Calgary are two provincial parks, Kananaskis Country and Fish Creek Park which, with their rising and falling crisscross of lakes and hills, are favourite picnic and camp sites for Calgary residents. In addition, other tourist spots like Edmonton to the north, Waterton National Park to the south, and the Royal Tyrrell (Dinosaur) Museum to the east all offer excitement for local residents and visitors alike.

Where Dreams Come True

In addition to the strong economy and beautiful local environments, Calgary boasts some of the friendliest people in the world. Having the best of both worlds, Calgary offers a metropolitan atmosphere with local arts, culture and sights, but retains its identity as a small city. Low crime rates and cost of living and friendly locals make any visitors time here the best it could possible be. No wonder we can see, everywhere in the city, many international students, immigrants from overseas and inland immigrants moving in. With the benefits of the local city environment, and a little hard work, its not hard to make dreams come true in Calgary.

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