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About UBridge Education Service (UBES)

Welcome to UBES, located in the heart of Downtown Calgary, Canada. Hundreds of international students have made UBES their education service. UBES is an operation name of UBridge College Ltd

At UBES, it's our intention that you receive every educational service you expect from an educational institution - the chance to explore different ideas and discover new things about the world and yourself, the opportunity to be challenged, and the possibility to realize your potential, attain your goals, and develop the skills and knowledge necessary for the new millennium.

Your decision to attend our college is a big one and possibly one of the most important you'll make in your lifetime.

Reputation for Excellence

How did we earn this reputation for excellence? Here are just a few examples:

  • UBridge College students express high levels of satisfaction , with a full 90 percent indicating that they would recommend UBES to others.

  • UBridge College provides the utmost in quality and services to its students.

  • UBridge College offers flexible start dates, and has programs with fast-tracking in mind.

  • UBridge College students get their goals faster. 


Friendly, Caring Staff; Quality Programs; Quality Services

At UBridge College, we take a keen interest in the success of all our students and we are constantly developing new services to support you during your time with us.

Throughout the year, we offer workshops and seminars that can help you make a successful transition to the real world and provide you with life skills that you can use throughout your life and beyond.

UBridge College

# 2007, 650 10 Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5G4, Canada

Tel: (403) 708-1755